Land, Air & Sea will be closing.
Our last day of business will be December 31st.

50% off everything in the store (with very few exceptions)!

We are sad to announce that we will be closing our doors on December 31st. The building that we lease has been sold and the new owners want to occupy rather than continuing to lease. We are looking for options at other locations but do not have anything that we can announce at this time. We will keep the webpage and Facebook page updated.

Thank you for your patronage and we look forward to being able to help you again in the future!


We are Northern Kentucky & Southwest Ohio’s largest Military Clothing & Gear Store

Questions about products or information?
Phone: 859-291-7770
E-Mail: landairseasurplus@gmail.com

Business Hours

Mon – Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 4 PM
1733 Monmouth St.
Newport, KY 41071

We make Military Dog Tags while you wait!
$9.00 a set
We carry silencers, and extra chains.

Gift Certificates Available

We offer Camping, Survival & Outdoor Gear
Firearms, Ammunition & Accessories
Paintball Rental, Sales & Accessories
Dog Tags made instantly at our store.
Buy, sell, trade and consign firearms.
We are a gunbroker.com drop off.
We sell on eBay & gunbroker.com.
We offer Law Enforcement/Fire/EMS Apparel, Duty Gear & Supplies.
Concealed Carry Classes for Kentucky and Ohio.
Many new Long Guns and Handguns just arrived and are now arriving daily!!!!!
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Discount of 10%

All Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Military Soldiers

Young Marines
Sea Cadets
Civil Air Patrol
Boy Scouts
(must show ID)
Excludes Firearms, Ammo
Special Orders & CCW Classes

Scott Lane Takes over as Owner
E-Mail: landairsea@insightbb.com

I would like to thank everyone for the fantastic year that you have given us! Land, Air & Sea has come a long way in the 2 and a half years that I have owned it… A lot has happened and I’ve tried to make it a great store. With the upcoming year I hope to continue making the store better; there are a lot of great things planned. The first will be new lights in the store to make it a lot brighter. After that a re-arranged floor plan to allow for more shelving so that we can carry double the inventory that we can currently offer. We will be offering more genuine surplus, tactical gear, camping gear, emergency preparedness items, clothing, firearms and accessories just to name a few…

So, enjoy the new year and we look forward to being even better next year!

181 Responses to “About”

  1. Looking for something night vision for my son…. he is 11 but the kiddy spynet stuff is too young for him. His birthday is in 3 weeks. Do you have any used or inexpensive binoculars or monoculars in the $100 – $150 range?

  2. I would love to be able to help, but after the kiddie versions the price jumps quite a bit. The lowest cost monocular would be around $250 and binoculars start at about $750. Let me know if you would like to look at those.

  3. Do you carry MREs? Looking for fairly new (1yr) cases, if possible.

  4. I do have MREs. They are the civilian legal version that are identical to the military MREs in everyway except the outer wrapping. They are manufactured by the same company (Sopako). The true military MREs are illegal to resell on the civilian market.

  5. Do you carry new and used rifles/handguns or just new?

  6. I buy, sell & trade both new and used firearms.

  7. Do you guys sell suppressors for 9mm and .40 and .45?

  8. I’m sorry, I am not currently a Class III dealer and can not sell NFA items at this time.

  9. Do ya’ll have any Rhodesian ammo vests or grenadiers vests?

  10. We have a wide variety of ammo, tactical and load bearing vests but no Rhodesian at this time.

  11. Do you sell any side by side double barreled shotguns? If so how much do they cost?

  12. I do sell SxS double barrel shotguns, but I usually order them rather than carry them in stock as there are so many different varieties. I would be happy to pick something out with you, come on in and we’ll get you taken care of!

  13. Do you sell colt m4 assault rifles?

  14. I do sell semi-auto AR-15’s in the M-4 configuration and can get the Colt brand. Just to clarify: assault rifles are defined as the fully automatic versions of a military medium calibur rifle. What you can buy as a civilian is not classified as an assault rifle.

  15. I see you sell civilian Sopako MREs. Are they Sure Pak full meals? Do you sell individual meals? Do you sell any other brands?

  16. Yes, they are the Sure Pak full meal. I sell them either individually or by the case and can get larger quantities for you if needed. They do come with the heaters. I sell Sopakco because they are the only commercially available MRE that comes the closest to the full military version of the MRE. Full military MRE’s are illegal to resell so if you see the real thing at a military store/gun show/flea market then the vendor selling them is in violation of federal law. The only difference between these and the full military MRE is that Military MREs contain an average of 1,250 calories per meal. Sure-Pak Meals contain 900 to 1,250 calories per meal. Military MREs contain extra items not included in Sure-Pak Meals such as gum, candy, toilet paper, and hot sauce.
    I will be happy to help you with what ever quantities you might need, as well as any other long term storable food needs that you might have.

  17. When is the next ccdw class and how much is it?

  18. We have a gentleman that does the classes every day but Wednesday; call Randy at 859-835-1885.

  19. hey would i be able to trade in my USMC desert digital utilities for army ACUs?

  20. I can not usually do a straight trade, but we can make a fair deal.

  21. Do tall have 550 cord n how much for 50 yards

  22. I sell the paracord in 50 foot and 100 foot lengths, for $3.99 and $7.99 respectively. We carry a much wider selection in the 100 foot length – about 35 different colors.

  23. I have a pair of boots and they are a bit to small. Would I be able to bring them in and exchange them (or make a deal) for a larger pair?

  24. Sure, we can do a trade of some sort 🙂

  25. Do you carry .40 S&W Speer Gold Dot HP 155 Grain ammo?

  26. I do carry it, but am out today. We do have the same ammo in 180gr in stock today. Let me know if you want me to order some 155gr for you.

  27. Do you buy Army ACU’s and field jackets(Used)? I have several sets along with a trunk full of other gear also? Boots that have never been worn.. I retired awhile back and would like to get rid of all of this stuff.

  28. Yes, I do buy any kind of used equipment. Bring it in and I would be happy to make an offer.

  29. Hi, Do you have military surplus canvas tents?

  30. I do have some surplus army tents, but they are not canvas – they are the more modern smaller individual and squad tents made out of nylon. I can order larger canvas tents if you would like one.

  31. do you a mens army class A long sleve shirt size 17 1/2 x34

  32. I might; I carry a very large quantity of the Army Class A green shirts but do not keep them organized by size. Come on in and we’ll get you fitted.

  33. Do you carry any type of 2-way radios and accesories? For example, Motorola Talkabouts, and any type of headset with PTT.

  34. Do you sell gas-mask with filters? If so, About how much does a unit cost ?

  35. We do have gask masks for $24.99, along with spare filters for $7.99.

  36. Do you have a PASGT Helmet, size small in stock? If so how much does it cost?

  37. We do have some PASGTs in stock, but don’t know if any of them are smalls. They run used for $99.99

  38. Do you carry stripped lower receivers for AR’s?

  39. We do carry stripped lowers of several different manufactures. Right now we have some CMMG for $129.99; we usually also have Spike’s but are waiting for our next shipment.

  40. do u have .50 cal ammo cans?

  41. Yes I do, I also have .30cal.

  42. What is price on .50 and .30 cans? thanks!!

  43. $19.99 on the .50cal and $17.99 on the .30cal.

  44. Do you have any 20mm or 30mm ammo cans

  45. I do have some 20mm in stock, but the condition is not Grade A. They are going for $19.99.

  46. Do u carry 40mm ammo cans? or can u get them?

  47. The biggest we have and can get right now is the 20mm.

  48. Do you have any army duffle bags? If so how much are they?

  49. We do have duffle bags, ranging from $9.99 and up depending on size.

  50. Do you buy used uniforms (acu) ? have plenty of them, or use them towards trade

  51. I was searching for army surplus stores around cincinnati and your store came up. But reading above you seem to be more a firearms store. Do you sell any surplus items there? If so what types of things do you have?

  52. The majority of our business is military surplus. We carry a wide range of items, come in and check us out.

  53. Do you carry rank insignia? And airborne wings?

  54. Yes, we do carry both rank insignia and airborne wings.

  55. Do you carry pin-on army skill badges? I.e. CIB, Master Jump, Pathfinder etc? I am looking for the subdued (black) variety for a shadow box. Thanks!

  56. Yes, we do carry skill badges in stock in the subdued variety. If we do not have the skill that you looking for we can get it for you.

  57. Id like to rent 4 paintball markers with hoppers no co2 tanks, and 4 paintball masks, Do you guys carry all that?

  58. Yes, we rental all that for $19.99 per package.

  59. Do you happen to carry MOLLE vests and pouches? If so, can you give a few prices?

  60. David, we do carry MOLLE vests and pouches. Price vary widely depending on the item and condition; pouches can be as low as $2.99, vests as low $14.99.

  61. Do you have a Beretta Px4 Storm for sale? if so, how much?

  62. Do you have mosin Nagant accessories

  63. We have some, such as scout scope mounting kits and the like.

  64. In your MOLLE assortment, are there T&T Pouches Available?

  65. How about surplus sleeping bags? Do you have any, and if so, what is the price range?

  66. We do, the price ranges anywhere from $25 for the old style mummie bags to $200 for the current system in new condition.

  67. Do you have mosin Nagant cleaning kits

  68. I am currently out of the Mosin Nagant cleaning kits.

  69. When can you get more

  70. Did you get my blue navy shirt into the mail yet?


  71. Do you carry the Camelbak Talon Pack?

  72. I do carry Camelbak, but do not have a Talon in stock today.

  73. How much do you sell it for?

  74. Im doing an aviation uniform, and was wondering if you had some aviation goggles, some military boots, and black leather gloves, like long metal working gloves. If so, how much are they?? Thanks!

  75. We have military boots and some black leather gloves, but no aviation goggles right now.

  76. Do you have any used Mossberg or Remington 12 gauge pump shotguns 3.5″ chamber, 24″-28″ barrel for sale in stock?

  77. I have several Mossberg and Remingtons in stock, but nothing with a 3.5″ chamber. We could order one for you and get you exactly what you want.

  78. Do you have any mosin’s in stock? Whats normal price?

  79. Mosin Nagant’s are on the way. The price has been $125, but they are getting harder and harder to find…

  80. when will they be in? and is that price negotiable. im a poor college kid and money is tight but iv wanted one for months!

  81. Do u carry used compound bows?

  82. Sorry, we do not carry archery at this time.

  83. Do you have any backpacks and if so how much are they?

  84. Ken, I do have a wide range of backpacks. They are from $25 and up.

  85. Wondering if you might be carrying any Ruger Mini-14s? I’m looking to spend around 500 for it if that is possible. I understand New ones can be 900 or so dollars, but it cant hurt to ask.

  86. Adam, We do not have any used Mini-14s in stock right now but could get you a new one in the $725 range.

  87. 725 is better than I expected. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll start to put some cash away ASAP.

  88. Just curious if you carry or plan to carry VELCRO morale badges? I’d like to find a place to buy them locally.

  89. Sorry, we do not carry morale badges at this time and I do not know of any local sources.

  90. Hi guys i was wondering where your Kneepads were because last time i was at your store(which was on saturday) i looked over in the usual bins and only found elbow pads. Do you not have any in stock or are they just moved? i was looking for OD or just plain Black.

  91. Our knee pads are sold out at this time, sorry.

  92. So boy scouts get a 10% dicount how do you
    verify that you are in the boy scouts. Also how
    Much are your cheapest acu pants?

  93. We ask for a BSA card, but can usually go on the word of the person. Used ACU pants are $19.99, new prices go up from there.

  94. Do you all curently cary airsoft guns
    I know you cary paintball just wondering.
    Also can someone reqeust a special paracord
    Item such as a key lanyard

  95. I do not carry airsoft gun due to space limitation. We have several people that make the paracord bracelets for us and I’m sure that we can get a special order done.

  96. do you have 1 quart canteens? need about 20 for a birthday party

  97. I do have plenty of used 1qt Olive Drab canteens for $1.99, can order that quantity of new canteens if needed.

  98. Do you buy WWII guns? I recently found an old Mauser pistol in a holster that a relative brought back from Europe.

  99. We do purchase firearms, and I would be happy to look at your Mauser.

  100. Do you have any tactical vests in black at a decent price? I’m looking for one before Sat the 27th.

  101. We do have a number of black tactical vests for a reasonable range of prices in stock.

  102. Do you have paracord and supplies? If so how much and what colors.

  103. We do carry paracord; 100ft for $6.99. We carry 35 different colors.

  104. Do you sell water containers? How big?
    how do you store water for long periods of time?
    Do you have to treat it?
    Do you sell 12 gauge shot guns( pumps)?
    new and used?
    my email is gllaake@yahoo.com

  105. We do sell water containers, both small and large as well as temporary bathtub containers called WaterBOB. You can store water for an extended period of time, recommended up to five years with proper treatment. There are various methods of treatment and we sell several. We do also sell 12ga pump shotguns, both new and used.

  106. Do you carry boots sized 4 and half Wide?

  107. A 4.5 Wide would be somthing I would need to order.

  108. I used to have a great (simple) compass that I used when camping. I’ve misplaced it. Do you carry these?

  109. I do carry a variety of compasses.

  110. Do you guys carry 3-day assult packs if so how much.

  111. Do you carry airsoft sniper rifles? If so, what models?

  112. I’m sorry, we do not carry any airsoft at this time.

  113. What are your price ranges for 12g shotguns?

  114. 12ga shotguns vary widely in price. We could get one as low as about $200.

  115. do you have any mich 2000 size L in stock if so what ar you getting for them

  116. I do have a number of ACH/MICH helmets in stock, should have a large. New condition runs $199.99, used $149.99

  117. okay thanks

  118. Do you buy ACUs, Dress Greens, Blues, Field jackets, ACU boots (desert tan) and Army Cadet Corps clothing and apparel? If so let me know because i have a decent amount of uniforms that i am willing to negotiate as well as the devices and insignia on the uniforms.

  119. I do buy those items, bring them by and I would be happy to look at them and make an offer.

  120. also do you have ecws sleeping bags available

  121. What is your return policy

  122. The return policy varies for different items, what were you needing to return?

  123. Do you carry carbines? 9mm and up? I really like the Just Right look.

  124. We do occupationally carry carbines, but they have not been available for a while now.

  125. do you sell any foldable cots? and if so what is the price range? thanks

  126. We do have foldable cots in stock. Price ranges from $59.99 to $79.99

  127. Looking for a Glock 19 do you have any in stock?

  128. What ammunition if any do you currently have available? Any .223, .40S&W, .38 special, or .9mm?

  129. We don’t have much ammo at the moment, and none of the above, due to extreme demand…

  130. What do you have in the way of conceal holsters? Any tuckable in waistband types or belly band types?

  131. Hi – Do you currently have any S&W M&P 9mm in stock? New or used.

  132. Sorry, no S&W M&P in stock this week…

  133. Any used 357 magnum pistols in stock?

  134. Sorry, no used .357 Magnums revolvers in stock at this time.

  135. do you extend your military discount to veteran’s? thanks!

  136. I currently offer discounts to active duty, Guard and Reserve personnel as well as law enforcement, firefighters and other active public service personnel but do not offer discounts to veterans at this time. I would love to offer discounts to everyone, but as the vast majority of my business is for veterans I would not be able to sustain business while offering discounts to everyone.

  137. Just took the Glock 23 you sold me last week out to the range for the first time and really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for walking me through the process, answering all of my questions, and offering all of your suggestions.

  138. Glad the hear that you are happy, we strive to help.

  139. Do you guys carry usmc pisscutter covers

  140. We do usually carry them, but are currently out of stock.

  141. Do you offer firearm safety training?

  142. We do not currently offer them in-house, but do recommend Randy at Randy’s Range: http://www.randysrange.com

  143. Do you carry any none NATO E-tools? If so, can you give some examples of what you have?

  144. We have sold all of the NATO E-Tools, but do have some comparable models in stock.

  145. What brands of military boots do you sell? I am looking for rocky or danner or tactical research

  146. We are a dealer for Bates, Belleville (which includes Tactical Research), and Wellco but not Danner or Rocky at this time.

  147. Do you all carry Patriotic Apparel?

  148. Yes, we carry various kinds of apparel.

  149. Do you carry the curved metal cup with the folding handle that has the accompanying canteen? If so, how much do they run? Thanks.

  150. We do carry the canteen cups with folding handles; they range in price from $4.99 and up.

  151. Thanks Scott really enjoy stopping in there every Thurs i will see you then looking for a few things as always ……..

  152. Do you sell the Chris kyle the man the myth the legend shirts?

  153. We do not carry the Chris Kyle shirts at this time.

  154. I was wondering if you guys carried any kind of Marine Corp bandanna?

  155. We do carry Marine Corp bandanna, but are out of stock today. We should be getting them back in stock soon.

  156. Do you have any jerry cans?

  157. We are currently out of Jerry Cans, but have an order on the way.

  158. Do you carry sea bags? If so, how much do they generally run?

  159. I do carry sea bags (duffle bags). They generally range from $10 – $20.

  160. Do you guys sell bulk ALICE clips? I am currently changing some Eastern Bloc Ak magazine pouches to fit onto my belt and need some clips for that. Also do you sell the shoulder straps to attach to the belt as well? Its an older M-1956 LCE belt but seems ALICE-compatible. Another request are the three-day ‘butt packs’.

  161. We do sell ALICE clips and can get them for you in bulk; how many were you looking to get? We do also sell the ALICE suspenders and butt packs.

  162. I’m looking for a standard ACU Loadout, and I have about $750 to spend. Would this be enough to buy the ACUs, IBA, MICH, and the other MOLLE platforms/pouches? I already have boots, so that’s an expense I don’t have to worry about. (I’m looking for real body armor. Not just vests/chest rigs.)

  163. I have a trippman paint ball gun do you buy them

  164. Do you carry gas masks, can you tell me the price?

  165. We do sell gas masks, the price usually starts at $24.99.

  166. Do you sell Navy peacoats?

  167. Yes we do.

  168. Do you have Black ACU clothing?

  169. What do you have in the way of AR’s? What are your price ranges?

  170. I was wondering if you have sheriff’s shirts like the one that rick wear’s in the walking dead, was wanting to pick one up for a Halloween costume.

  171. Do you guys make repairs on paintball guns?

  172. How much for a Mossberg 500 20ga. pump action shotgun or 12ga. same model ?

  173. Do u sell iba’s or ach’s

  174. Yes we do.

  175. Do you sell ribbons and things for the ASU’s?

  176. Do you have a selection of knives?

  177. Do you have any camo net poles and spreaders?

  178. Do u carry suspenders, military belt wear.I was n Vietnam and it had hooks on them with webbing for military accessories. I carried my canteen, side arm and misc accessories with it. Thanks

  179. Wondering if you carry or can get rechargable (Singar type) batteries?

  180. Found an old loudspeaker that takes that type of battery

  181. Do you sell rag wool sweaters?



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