CCW Classes

Land, Air & Sea works in conjunction with several instructors to provide top quality Concealed Carry classes, giving a range of options of when and where classes are available to fit your schedule.

Randy’s Range:
Our primary instructor schedules classes quite often, given in Sparta (close to the Kentucky Speedway).
KY Certified Concealed Carry Instructor
Basic Instruction for Adult Beginners
Safety Instruction for Children
Sparta, KY

Tim Vinson
Licensed Instructor

Jimmie Poynter
Licensed Instructor
Group and women only classes available
Like on Facebook @ Protection 2240

Michael Klein
Licensed Instructor

Ohio CCW Classes:

Ohio CCW classes are offered by the Woodhill Training in Miamitown OH.

Woodhill Training

Class is $100.00
For more information call 513-353-3361


Land, Air & Sea is open 7 Days a week
M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6 Sun 11-4
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7 Responses to “CCW Classes”

  1. I live 15 or so minutes from silver grove. I’m in Melbourne. I want to take the class but I do not have a gun. At least not one I am able to there a possibility that a gun can be provided for me? I want to get my license before I actually buy a gun. Please mail me or comment back. Thanks.

  2. The classes are currently being held down in Silver Grove, KY near the KY Speedway. Please contact Randy at Randy’s Range for details. He is a great instructor and holds classes everyday but Wednesdays. Contact him about being able to borrow a firearm for the class. Or you could come in here and I would be more than happy to get you set up with a nice personal defense firearm.

  3. as far as firearms that you have in stock..would you happen to have beretta,glock,and any AR-15s? im trying to find a place where i can get one of the firearms i mentioned at a reasonable price for use when i go to a range rather than purchase a rental

  4. Today I have several Del-Ton AR-15s and Glock 22; both are very reasonably priced.

  5. Hi, I was in the Young Marines of Cincinnati, and I was wondering if I need any type of verification that I was in it. I never got my I.D. from them but I do have pictures of myself in the program. Would that work?

  6. Logan, If you are still active that is fine.

  7. When is the next CCW class?

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