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125 Responses to “Firearms”

  1. do you have any 410 pump shot gun on hand

  2. I do not have one in stock today, but can get a wide variety very quickly. Stop in or call and we can pick one out for you.

  3. Could you install night sights on a Glock 23 on maybe Saturday of this week? (trying to avoid shipping charges)

  4. I’m sorry, I do not do gunsmithing. I would recommend you contact Nick Vigliucci at – he is very good.

  5. I am looking for a handgun to give as a gift to a shooter. Something he does not already have. I am attempting to get something interesting and stay under $200. Possibly a Makarov or a CZ52. Do you have either of those?

  6. I do not have either of those in stock, but I could most likely get one though it probably would not be under $200. I do have a Russian WWII Nagant revolver that is quite unique for $149.99.

  7. I see you are a dealer for Spike’s rifles. Do you have any in stock or does your distributor have any? I am looking for a STR5035-MLS LE Carbine.

  8. I do not have any Spike’s in stock right now, and from my last conversation with Spike’s last week it might be a little while as they are running at full capacity.

  9. I am looking for a decent 40 calibur compact handgun. Once I get out of the service I am looking to get into security or law enforcement. What do you have in stock that is not extremely exspensive? Doesn’t have to be brand new.

  10. We do carry a wide variety of handguns that would fit your needs. One in stock right now is a Taurus PT740 Slim for $399.99.

  11. Do you have any 9mm hanguns in the range of $200-$400

  12. We usually do have a number of 9mm firearms in that price range, but inventory changes quickly. Come on in and we will get you taken care of 🙂

  13. Do you have any handguns that are $200 or under?

  14. It is very difficult to get a quality firearm for $200 or under. We do have several in the $299.99 range.

  15. Hey I was wondering if you guys buy used paintball guns and gear? or maybe work out some kind of trade, if so let me know.

  16. We are always willing to trade. Bring in your items and I would be happy to make an offer.

  17. I’m looking to buy one of these but not sure which one until I see them in person, Kimber TLE/RL II, Taurus PT1911 AR, SIG GSR, or Glock 21. Do you have any in stock? If so, what’s the price for each? Thanks!

  18. Michael, I do not have any of the particular guns instock and you are going to be hard pressed to find any in a store except for perhaps the Glock 21 – those are guns that not many stores will keep in inventory. I would be happy to order any of those for you.

  19. Do you have any Glock 27 in stock?

  20. Not today, but I could have one for you in just a few days.

  21. Do you have 7.62X 54R (mosin Nagant ammunition)

  22. Looking for a sig sauer p226. 9mm w/15 mag as well as 2 – 15rnd mags

  23. I can get you one for $874.99 plus the two mags, which run about $45 each. Come on in and we will get you taken care of!

  24. Do you have 7.62X 54R ammunition

  25. I have a Saiga .410 shotgun and looking for hi-cap magazines (8-10+ round) and also a pistol grip with multi position buttstock. Andperhaps screw on muzzle brakes. Do you have or can order these items?

  26. Ron, we can order pretty much any of that.

  27. I looking for an AR-15/M-4 type rifle. Wondering if you have any in stock.

  28. Do not have any in stock today, and they are getting harder and harder to aquire. We can get pretty much anything in the $1,000 and up range (nice high end rifles), but anything sub-$1,000 if very difficult to get right now.

  29. do u have a jennings J 22 pistol clip in stock or can u get me one

  30. Sorry, we can no longer get magazines for Jennings.

  31. Do you have any stripped AR-15 lower receivers in stock?

  32. The AR-15 stripped lowers on back order right now. I usually carry both CMMG and Spikes.

  33. Looking for CZ550 FS in 6.5 x 55. Can you get this?

  34. Brian, sorry to say but those are not available through any of my distributors as this time.

  35. Looking for a nice revolver for my first gun. I have been reading about the Ruger GP100 (I like the 6″ stainless) Do you have any of these in stock or any suggestions of other good revolvers about that size?

  36. We can order the Ruger GP100, which is a very nice revolver. I would also recommend looking at the Smith & Wesson 636.

  37. Looking for a 410 Judge or something close. Do you have any in stock?

  38. David: yes, we have both a Taurus 410 Judge and the new Smith & Wesson Governer in stock.

  39. hey i was wondering whats the differences in a m4 an a ar15 an what do your bushmasters run an your doublestars

  40. A military M4 is select fire capable, where an AR-15 is semi-automatic. There may also be a slight difference in the length of the barrel.
    AR-15 can very wildly in price, even within brands. A Bushmaster usually starts around $999, a Doublestar a little less.

  41. I have a ruger p90 that im looking to sell and was curious as to how much you would give me for it?

  42. I would be more than happy to give you an offer for it, but I would need to see it as I can not give any estimates without seeing the item first.

  43. Do you carry any Mk.22 Mod 0s?

  44. No, we do not carry those in stock. We may be able to order one.

  45. What would the price range be?

  46. How much is your paracord and buckles? Is it more money for different colors?

  47. Paracord is the same cost regardless of color: $6.99 / 100ft. We do have buckles, the cost is .33 or .50 each, with a discount for quantity.

  48. im looking for a sig p229 9 mm. what do you have, any variations of these? what how much $$ condiiton new/used?

  49. Sorry, I do not currently have any Sig P229 in stock.

  50. do you sell lever action rifles

  51. Yes, we sell lever action rifles.

  52. do you have a new or used “taurus 66, 4 inch barrel, blued” in stock?? if not, whats the lowest price possible on one…need to know asap because its for a gift! thanks!

  53. I do not have one in stock, but could get one very quickly for you. The price would be $459.99

  54. I will be in the market for a black on black ruger sr9c in the next 2 weeks or so. I’m looking around for availability and pricing if you have it on hand.

  55. The black SR9c is currently out of stock at most distributors and looks like it will be that way for a while. The DuoTone is still available for $449.99

  56. Hello, I am looking for a nice small compact gun for personal protection. Any suggestions? And price range? Thank you!

  57. We do carry a range of small guns for personal protection, ranging in caliber and size: .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .38 Special, etc. Prices vary, starting at about $274.99 and up – very affordable.

  58. what are the specific makes and models of the .22lr handguns that are in stock right now? prices would be appreciated as well! Thanks!!

  59. i am looking for an ak47 but not wanting to spnd more then 600-700 can you help?

  60. $700 is about the lowest that your are going to be able to find an AK-47 for right now, and even that is going to be difficult. We are completely out of stock at the moment.

  61. I’m looking for a decent AR for under $1,000, do you have any in stock?

  62. Sorry, we do not have any ARs in stock and do not foresee being able to get any in the near future.

  63. looking for a rem 870 12 ga combo or mossberg 535 12 ga combo with 22xxf/24fr mossy oak

  64. We do not have one in stock, but would be happy to see if we could order one for you.

  65. Do you have any Ruger SR-22 in stock and if so how much? thank you

  66. Sorry, we do not have any Ruger SR-22s in stock and they are not available from any of my suppliers at this time. I would recommend checking back in the middle of January.

  67. I’m looking for a Ruger SR9 Full size 9mm pistol. Do you stock these? If so how much are they, and if not how much could you get one in for. I haven’t decided if I want the black or stainless slide. Thanks!

  68. Sorry, we do not have any Ruger SR9s in stock and they are not available from any of my suppliers at this time. I would recommend checking back in the middle of January.

  69. I’m looking for .223 or 5.56 ammo (like everyone else)…do you have any? Also looking for 9mm JHP (any brand). Thanks!

  70. Sorry, out of .223 / 5.56 (like everyone else). We do have some 9mm JHP in stock at the moment.

  71. Looking for a Glock 19 do you have any? Black or Brown and how much?
    Thank you

  72. Sorry, no Glocks in stock this week.

  73. Do you have any Springfield XDS .45 in stock what would your price be?

  74. Sorry, no XDS .45 in stock at this time.

  75. Do you have any SKS magazines, or Ammo in stock?

  76. Sorry, we do not have any SKS magazines or 7.62×39 ammo in stock at this time.

  77. I can’t say enough about the positive experience that dealing with Land, Air, and Sea was. Professional, courteous, honest, knowledgable, helpful, and patient. If you are buying a firearm in Northern Kentucky, the folks at LS&A deserve your patronage.

    A very happy Beretta PX-4 Storm owner

  78. Do you carry Bersa 380 in your store?

  79. I am looking for a Maglula Uplula (May be Butler Creek) reloader. Any in stock or available?

    And I’m with the happy Beretta owner. I am really enjoying the one I got there before Christmas. Patience is the key word. THANK you, because your patience and knowledge encourage competency with my firearm.

  80. We do carry the Uplula loaders, but am out of the full sized today. Should have it back in stock soon.

  81. I’m looking for a S&W shield. Do you have any in stock?

  82. Sorry, no S&W Shields and none available to order. Those are in very high demand.

  83. Do you sell the Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 Rifle? Possibly around $150 or less

  84. We do normally carry Mosin Nagants, but have not been able to get one for a while and do not know when they will be available again.

  85. I was wondering if you have the Ruger LC9 CTC Laser Grip?

  86. We do not have the LC9 laser grip in stock, but can get it for you for $199.99.

  87. *Ruger LC9 with CTC Laser Grip

  88. Sorry, Ruger LC9s of any type are not available right now.

  89. I’m looking for a S&W M&P 9 or a Ruger SR9, or a glock 17 for a nightstand gun/ home defense/ range gun . Got any in stock? Thanks.

    – William T

  90. Sorry, we do not have any S&W M&P 9, Ruger SR9, or Glock 17 in stock at this time. These are in very high demand and distributors are not able to keep up with the demand right now. Check back in a few weeks and they may be more available.

  91. what kind of price do you have on a 30-06? and do you think that would be better
    for deer hunting than a 30 30?

  92. I am looking for a Walther PK380, do you have one or do you know where I can get one?

  93. Sorry, Walther PK 380s are among the firearms that are extremely difficult to get at the current time.

  94. What do u have in 45s. I really want a baby eagle but they are hard to find. Can u tell me what u have?

  95. We have two 1911’s in stock: one Colt and a Springfield Armory that has been upgraded for competition. Sorry, no Baby Desert Eagles are available at this time.

  96. How much for the Springfield?

  97. Good afternoon, I wanted to check to see if you either had in stock or the ability to get Federal Premium Guard 9mm loads.

  98. Sorry, that (along with pretty much any other 9mm) is unavailable at this time.

  99. Any Calico’s in stock, I’m very interested in checking them out after looking at their website.

  100. I have sold all of the Calicos that I had in stock, but can order what you would be interested in.

  101. I was in yesterday looking at the S&W .40 caliber
    (used) that was in your case. I would like to bring in a Marlin 22 model 60,50th anniversary edition for possible
    partial trade.Just wondering if you are firm on the $299.00
    for the S&W.

  102. I am willing to look at pretty much anything, bring the Marlin on by.
    The price on the S&W is firm.

  103. Do you have any Bushmasters .223 AR’s

  104. We do not have any Bushmasters in stock today (they are very difficult to get), but do have and AR-15 coming in later today.

  105. Do you have any semi auto beretta shotguns in stock?

  106. Sorry, no Beretta semi-auto shotguns in stock at this time.

  107. Do you have any AR-15 for under $900

  108. Sorry, no AR-15 of any kind in stock at this time.

  109. What’s the price and availability of the Glock 19? Also do you have any in stock?? Thanks!

  110. Glock 19s are not available at this time.

  111. Do you have or can you get any Mosin Nagants?

  112. We are out of Mosin Nagants at this time, and they are getting harder and harder to find…

  113. Anyway you could get an AK 101? If so what price range would that be.

  114. Any kind of AK is pretty much un-available at this time.

  115. Do you ave a wait list for any moshin nagants?

  116. I do have a Mosin Nagant M44 in stock right now, but do not have a wait list for others at this time.

  117. Looking for a Colt 6940 Ar-15 (not 6920). Have you ordered any of these and if so, any idea when one could come in? Thanks!!

  118. How much is the mosin nagant m44?

  119. i recently purchased a gas mask at your store nd i was wondering how long the filter last once you take them out of their plastic case.

  120. NBC gas mask filters will typically remain effective for several hours once unsealed.

  121. Do you have any Springfield M1A Scout Squad rifles in stock? Or any M1A model for that matter, and what is the price.

  122. Sorry, no SA M1As in stock. They are almost impossible to get at this time.

  123. I’m looking for a 9mm that can carry at least 10 rounds in its magazine. By any chance to you have anything in stock that matches what I am looking for? How much would it cost with a matching holster?

  124. I was wondering if you had any automatic rifles under $400? Are you able to get or do you have a colt m4-22? Thanks for your help

  125. Wondering if you have any of the new Ruger AR-15 .556? If not do you know when you will have any in? Thanks

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