Paintball Rental

We Rent Paintball Markers to be played with at your location.

1 day rental includes:

1 Marker
16oz Tank
100 Paintballs

Price – $19.99 each 

We are a Tippmann Dealer and can get all the accessories you need for you 98 custom, A-5 or the new X-7 Phenom!

Give us a call when your ready to upgrade and play some serious paintball.

Group Rentals Welcome

Discount given on case quanity’s of Paintballs

We fill CO2 Tanks

7oz-9oz    $2.00
12oz         $3.00
20oz         $4.00
20oz Up    $5.00

19 Responses to “Paintball Rental”

  1. Do u sell ghillie suits? My son is looking for one for paintball.

  2. Yes we do sell Ghillie suits that would be great for paintball.

  3. How much am I looking at to have a group of about ten guys get equipment and everything for a full day

  4. Paintball rental is $19.99 per person per day, so you are looking at around $200 to get you started for the day – plus what ever extra paint you would like to get.

  5. Do you sell cleaning supplies for paintball guns?

  6. Hoppes used to make a Paintball marked cleaning kit, but that is no longer available. We do carry regular paintball and firearm cleaning supplies.

  7. Do you carry pellett guns?

  8. I do not carry pellet guns in stock, but I can order pretty much every major brand.

  9. If I were to rent a few guns, could I also rent extra tanks? If yes,how much would this cost me, and what are your paint prices?

  10. We can rent extra tanks as long as all of our packages are not reserved. Extra tanks are usually $5 each; paint is 500 for $14.50 and 2,000 for $42.50.

  11. I need 8-10 paintball rental packages for this coming SAT(Sept 21). First, is the equipment available. Second, we would need to take the equipment off-site and not be able to return it until the next day as we are camping in SE Indiana. We would also have to pick up the equipment during the week as we are leaving very early SAT morning. Is this possible? Thank you and I will be contacting you via phone tomorow to discuss

  12. I’m searching for a place where I could rent about 10 gun packages for one of the following dates (10/12, 10/15, 10/16 or 10/19). We are playing late afternoon one of those days and will finish when it gets dark. Do the rentals need to be brought back same day or would the next day be acceptable? Thanks for your attention.

  13. I am looking for a place where I could rent a possible 10-15 rental packages, maybe workout additional paintballs as well. I would like to know the rental arrangement, when does the gear have to be brought back from time of taking out the rental? and what do you consider a group size to qualify for group rates?

  14. Yes, we rent paintball packages and could do 10-15 packages with additional paintballs. Gear is usually a 24 hour rental and group discounts would start at 20 packages.

  15. Hi,
    I am a balloon artist/entertainer and I will soon be purchasing a MagicFlate Balloon Inflator that works off of 2 CO2 canisters that are 0.8-liter in size each. I need to know how much it will cost to have them filled at your establishment. Here’s a link to a PDF that you may view:

    Dale the Balloon Twister Campbell
    Hebron, KY

  16. Filling a 27oz tank would cost $5.

  17. Hi,

    My name is James and I am a solider in the United States Army. My and a couple of my brothers (couple being 100) have come up with the idea to play paintball on a large scale (50 on 50) as a training event following our deployment. We are all combat arms, mostly infantrymen, and we prefer our training to be as realistic and life like as possible. TRAIN HOW YOU FIGHT! Although we have specific rounds we use that mark target hits, they don’t hurt enough ultimately eliminating the sense of hesitation before making quick actions. THE PLAN – 50 on 50 across a 6-8mile wooded location. One day allotted for tactical movement to the location and one for the actually engagement. What do you suggest as far as equipment such as balls per person and etc.? How much do you think this will cost me. We have about 15,000 set aside for training?

    Thanks in advance
    CPL Lewis

  18. Whew, that’s going to be quite a bit 🙂
    First, are you looking to rent or buy for this?
    As far as paint and gas, you are probably going to need quite a bit. For a usual day of a few hours of play I normally recommend a 20oz tank and about 700 paintballs per person. For what you are talking about I would suggest at least a second 20oz tank and 1,000 to 2,000 paint per person for the event. On top of this I would also suggest renting a CO2 tank to refill your smaller tanks, as well as purchasing a “CO2 Fill Station” adapter for that tank. The tank that you would need would be 50lb Red Bank siphon feed CO2, commonly available for rent from most industrial gas suppliers.
    Did you know that Tippmann is the official paintball supplier for the Army? You may wish to contact them as well for paintball markers and equipment.
    Let me know what I can do to help.


  19. hello i am looking to rent about 30 guns and equipment for a whole day we will play about 10 hours so how many airtanks and paintballs do u think we will need per person?

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