•BDU Military Pants and Shirts, ACU Military Pants and Shirts.
•Duty gear and Swat Gear in Nylon and Leather.
•Police Dress uniform Pants and Shirts.
•Boots and Shoes. Police and Military Insignia.
•Law Enforcement discount pricing and Military discounts.

Civil Air Patrol, Young Marines and Sucess Academy welcome!..

Complete line of New/Used Military Clothing and Gear. Camping, Survival and Outdoor Gear, Paintball Sales and Rental.

Firearms, Ammunition and Accessories. Kentucky Hunting and Fishing License. Instant Dog Tags made.

Ebay and Gunbroker.com Drop off Center. We Buy, Sell, and Trade. Law Enforcement Apparel, Duty Gear and Supplies.

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95 Responses to “Uniforms”

  1. Do you carry multicam uniforms?

  2. Yes, we do carry MultiCam uniforms by Propper. They are the company that makes the MultiCam for the Army. We have two different versions: the early prototype combat uniform as well as the currently issued ACU style in the MultiCam pattern. Surplus MultiCam uniforms are just starting to be turned in by returning soldiers and we look forward to being able to offer the MultiCam in surplus in the near future.

  3. What is the pricing of Desert BDU on your racks? Preferably the cheaper pairs, used is fine.

  4. They are $9.99 for the used.

  5. Do you have 4 small army green Garrison hats

  6. We do have quite a number of small army garrison hat.

  7. Do you have an Air Force Womens All weather Coat.
    I need one for a CAP National event in D.C. later this month.
    I’ve found one online, but they’re larger sizes.

  8. I checked and I don’t think that I do, sorry – those are pretty scarce.

  9. do you have m-65 fishtail parka?
    i want very many m-65 fishtail parka.
    -only small size-

  10. I can order a new M-65 Fishtail, but have not seen any surplus of that jacket in over 10 years. We have plenty of surplus M-65 jackets but none of the fishtail variety. Sadly I think all of the surplus of those are long gone…

  11. Do you carry any desert camo combat boots? Brands like Bates are what I’m looking for.

  12. Yes, I have a large selection of desert combat boots; new, like-new turn-in and used surplus. I can also order Bates if you wish, as well a number of other brands.

  13. im looking for Belleville 390 DES for The Citadel next year

  14. I do not have that particular style in stock today, but I could order it for you and have it within a week.

  15. Do u have any gillie suits i have and airsoft event coming,whats your cheapest?

  16. Yes, I do have Ghillie suits in both adult and child sizes; $74.99 & $49.99 respectively.

  17. Hello,
    Do you carry any civil war uniforms or Brogans? Thanks.

  18. Sorry, nothing that old. About the oldest that I have is World War II.

  19. Do you carry any USMC or other style field shooting jackets?

  20. I sometimes get those in, but do not have any USMC at this time.

  21. Hi..looking for some Air Force “fighter” gear/outfit for my son for a school project..he was thinking along the lines of uniform with bomber jacket/hat…do you carry anything like that? Thanks!!

  22. We have a good selection of childrens items that should work: flight suits w/ patches, jackets with patches, uniforms and such. If we do not have it in stock we could order it for you.

  23. Do you carry Multicam Velcro Flag Patches? Forward or reverse?

  24. I do have some in stock, both forward and reverse.

  25. Do you all have any Russian military cloth or just American military.

  26. Most of the clothing in the store is American; Russian, German and other countries are getting sparse and hard to find…

  27. Looking for Navy dress white uniform items and pricing

  28. Navy dress whites are rare in this geographic area. I have some white pants, but that is about all at the moment.

  29. Looking for cheap USMC vests. Got any? any vest will do. preferably LBV though.

  30. We do have vests of various types, including LBV, in Woodland, ACU and other patterns but none in Marine colors at this time.

  31. Hey Scott, this is phil. I am looking for the US Navy blue chambray long sleeve shirt. XL 34. I found one on line for $8, shipping was $14. Can you help???

    Phil Textor

  32. Yep, I have one. Can ship it to you for about $5.00.

  33. Wonder if you have a few pins. Surface Warfare Specialist,Aviation Warfare Specialist,Navy Parachute Jumper,and Second class Petty Officer pin?

  34. I do not have those in stock, but they are pins that I can get for you.

  35. Do you carry any military and/or police utility and uniform belts? If so what are your prices? Thank you very much!

  36. We carry a wide variety of belts, ranging from web belts for $4.99 up to LEO Duty Belts.

  37. do you have rothco digital backpacks in stock?

  38. I do have a number of digital backpacks in stock, but no Rothco. We order from Rothco every week so if you had a specific one in mind we could get it for you quickly.

  39. Do you carry PASGT helmets, and maybe some combat goggles with those as well? My interest is for paintball/airsoft

  40. Yes, we do have PASGT and ACH/MICH helmets, as well as combat goggles.

  41. (an LWH helmet would work as well, an modern helmet should be fine, preferably woodland camo)

  42. No LWH helmets at this time, but we do have the woodland covers.

  43. Hi do you have and youth sized USMC dress blues

  44. Sorry, I do not have a way to get youth sized USMC dress uniform items.

  45. Do you have molle vests

  46. Yes, we do have several types of MOLLE vests.

  47. Do you have military uniform t shirts, and also boots

  48. do you have multi-cam returns/surplus from thr army? if so, at what price? please advise. thank you.

  49. Yes, I do have GI MultiCam. Prices vary depending, but range from $34.99 and up depending on condition. I also carry new manufactured MultiCam produced by the GI manufacturer.

  50. Do you carry ATACS FG camp gear, as well as the Danner Melee??

  51. I carry ATACS FG clothing and headgear in stock, will be stocking gear accessories soon but no camping gear that I know of; what kind of FG camping gear were you looking for?
    We can order the Danner Melee.

  52. Meant camo vs. camp (typo). Do you carry any of the Catoma EBNS stuff?
    Will only be in area tomorrow, but planning on coming by store. Appreciate the response – first class!

  53. Do you guys carry Long Sleeve IPFU Army Shirts?

  54. Yes we do.

  55. How much do your combat boots usually run?

  56. Comabt boots start at about $25

  57. What would you pay for new and used boots?

  58. I would be more than happy to give you an offer for it, but I would need to see it as I can not give any estimates without seeing the item first.

  59. Im looking for an Air Force enlisted Flight Cap and Woodland Camo cover for a CAP cadet…anything there?

  60. We do have the Woodland Camo cover for CAP (with more sizes coming in on Thursday), but do not have an enlisted flight cap at this time.

  61. do you cary digital camo army combat shirts

  62. Yes, we do carry those.

  63. do you have the army dress green slacks and jacket for women.(size 10 or bigger)?

  64. Do you army acu rain jacket and pants in small female size (suitable ROTC cadet)? If so, approx price?

  65. Yes, we do have those in stock. Price is about $35.

  66. Do you have US woodland G.I field jackets in large and if so how much? also do you have the jacket liner?

  67. We should have large, with and with out liner. $29.99 w/o liner, $39.99 w/ liner.

  68. Do you carry the Marine Corps Dress Blue Cover size large?

  69. Sorry, I do not have one in stock at this time.

  70. How much are khaki color bdus? Prefer the cheapest!!

  71. The Khaki BDUs run between $34.99 and $39.99.

  72. Do you have waders. I am a size 14 shoe with a 36 in seam.

  73. Sorry, we do not sell waders.

  74. What are the prices on your woodland camo pants and shirts 4x shirt and 2x pants?

  75. Prices are $29.99 and up depending on the fabric.

  76. I have a pare of Rhodesian Combat Boots (special forces light-weight) size 8, (used but still in very good condition). If interested – make me an offer.
    Used for only 3-months at the end of my service in late 1978, and in storae since then.

  77. If you bring them by I would be happy to make an offer.

  78. Do you guys have magnum HPI 8.1s boots if you do how much

  79. Sorry, we do not carry Magnum boots at this time.

  80. How much for a ACU Jacket?

  81. Used ACU field coats start at about $50, new start at about $80.

  82. If I bring in my Alice pack could you show me the correct way to attach some Molle straps and waist belt?

  83. Alice packs do not really take the MOLLE system straps, but bring the stuff in and we will see what we can do.

  84. What is your starting price on your used combat boots,and discounts if there are any?

  85. Used desert boots start at $25. We give a 10% discount for military, LEO, Civil Air Patrol, Boy Scouts etc.

  86. Do you have any PASGT body armor? I’m looking for used equipment, preferably SMALL, or X-SMALL. I’d also like to know if they are in M-81 WOODLAND?

  87. We do carry that, and can usually find a small or extra-small. They are in woodland.

  88. Hello, I was hoping that you carried PV2 (E2) ACU hook and loop rank patches, maybe also the PV2 rank pins?

  89. Do you carry nwu type 3 uniforms?

  90. do you have any od jungle boots size 11 R and whats the price…also any jungle hammocks amd price

  91. Hello, do you currently have ACU tops and pants, as well as ACU PC’s?

  92. Do you carry Mickey boots in size 12 or 13?

  93. Do you have any m 65 field jackets new or slightly used and price please

  94. do you guys buy military clothes and gear i have some new and used marine corps issued

  95. Do you have marine corps dress blue nco belt buckle

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